12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 10 – Old Post

12DBC Old Post

Welcome back to 12 Days of Blogging Christmas. If you’re only just coming back online after the Christmas break, you can catch up here:

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It’s a bit of a blogging cliche to be told to revamp an old post, but that’s the thing about cliche’s – they exist for good reason!

12DBC Old Post


So how do you revamp an old post? Like everything, this will depend on your niche. But here are some ideas:

  • Update your ‘best of’ other bloggers post from the previous year
  • Revamp a post on technology with tips for the current version
  • Turn old tip posts into ¬†an infographic (bonus tip – these are very ‘pinnable’)
  • Collate your old posts into a “best of” series for each category that you blog about
  • Update the information in an old blog post and republish it using a different format, such as a vlog


You can even take your best posts, update them and turn them into an eBook!


Have you ever updated an old blog post? Share your tips on how you did it below.

2 Replies to “12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 10 – Old Post”

  1. I really think bloggers underestimate the power of this one. It is such a handy thing to do, update old info or reformat it.
    A great thing to do is check out your most popular posts in the past and build on that topic in a new way for your readers – you know I love the vlog idea!

    1. Especially if you’re a blogger in a niche where the topics change often – something like technology blogging would be able to update posts frequently.

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