Card Game Conspiracy: Laugh Link

Card Game Conspiracy

As an ultra classy, uber sophisticated household, we spent Saturday night playing Uno.


Card Game Conspiracy


But I kept winning.


At first I put this down to my sheer awesomeness. But after a while I remembered I’m not really a person who ends up winning at games.


So I dug further.


And then I noticed a pattern.


Who shuffles, wins. Not to be confused with Who Dares, Wins. Mostly because that was a TV show and this is  a card came. And Uno isn’t particularly daring.


Every time I shuffled the cards, I won.


I’m thinking there’s some kind of built in conspiracy to the Uno cards. Maybe they need an EMP to wipe out some sort of secret winning chip to make it fair. Or maybe a seance.


Do you win at Uno when you shuffle? Do you think my cards should be tested?

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  1. A strong theory certainly but I’m not 100% convinced.

    I’ve tried playing UNO by myself and still struggle to win but perhaps that says more about me than UNO.

    This topic requires further thought … Thanks for the Giggle.

    1. Perhaps one side of you doesn’t want to win 😉

  2. Are you shuffling under the table? My kids used to play UNO all the time when they were young and I’d forgotten it existed! Thanks for the memory.

    1. I had forgotten it for ages too! Then I somehow seemed to own a set of Uno cards…

  3. I love uno, haven’t played in years. Could be a good one for the kids, now I need to remember where our uno cards are!!
    Will be sure to test your theory!!

    1. Let me know if it works for you!

  4. Not sure about Uno but it seems that the banker in monopoly usually wins x

    1. Interesting – so the conspiracy goes beyond card games and all the way to board games!

  5. I am waiting for Uno to go professional like poker. My 7 yo plays it incessantly – with cards and on any device handy. I doubt shuffling would help against such prodigy – even if I dealt myself fewer cards!

    1. I’d just double the cards you deal to them then haha. Give yourself a chance! 🙂

  6. I totally wouldn’t care about that, the competitive bitch in me says a win is a win!!! Thanks for linking lovely x

    1. Win at all costs!

  7. Thanks for linking up! Hmmm. I must put this to the test!!!

    1. I think we need a bloggers Uno competition to test it.

  8. This needs to be tested out. and I’m shuffling of course. 😀

    1. Naturally!

  9. I love UNO! I haven’t tested that theory but hey if it works…. 🙂

    1. Try it – I think I need a larger sample to test it 🙂

  10. So my friends and I have played almost 10 rounds of Uno and we have all taken turns as dealer. The dealer has won everytime. There is definitely something weird going on with Uno. I found your blog while we were testing our theory. I can’t believe we actually found someone else who experienced this!!!

    1. That’s so cool!

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