Blogging Is Awesome

blogging is awesome - what makes you love blogging?

I had meant to go out to the markets this morning for a wander. Instead I ended up lying in bed, playing on Pinterest and generally doing nothing. In fact, I only go out of bed because my iPad battery was down to 3%.


(I know, first world problems, right?)


Zoning out…relaxing…whatever you may call it, well, it doesn’t come easily to me. I’m in a transition phase right now of learning a new routine. One where I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. It’s weird.


But back to my point. Bumming around at home gave me the idea for a blog post. It’s a long one, so I flipped open Evernote and started getting all the ideas down before they flew away. Then it made me think of the book I made great progress on recently (and haven’t touched since that day). But the book is a long term thing, a marathon rather than a sprint. So I know I’ll be back to write more there.


In the meantime, I have a lot of ideas, like this morning. The topic I started writing about was TV series. I love TV series and the time you get to spend with those characters. And this brings me to what I love about blogging. The freedom to write about whatever comes to mind.

blogging is awesome - what makes you love blogging?

And that’s why I think blogging is awesome.


What makes blogging awesome for you?



24 Replies to “Blogging Is Awesome”

  1. YES! I love how blogging makes all our little thoughts in our heads about this and that and maybe that a reality! x

    1. And getting to interact on these little thoughts that normally just stay in your head 🙂

  2. mmm… I’m not sure I do like blogging…

    I know I like writing… that’s what I think I do… I tell stories…

    I don’t really think of what I do as blogging anymore… I think that’s just a label…

    I like to write, and I like to tell stories and sometimes I post a story of mine on my website for other people to read… sometimes my stories are about me, and sometimes they’re fictional…

    But I don’t think I keep a “web log”…

    1. I guess by “blogging” I mean the general opportunity the internet provides for us to write and publish our thoughts. I view it more as a convenient general term than a strict definition. Or writing is the task, blogging is the publishing medium? Hmm. There should be a term here… something less general than just “being on the internet” but less pigeon-holey than “blogging”.

  3. I am a big fan of blogging but then it is the reason I get to travel all year round 🙂

    I think blogging helped me define my writing and is the sole reason I was able to write my first book… and my second book for that matter! I say blogging rules, it can be tiring sometimes to keep up with 3 blogs, but then it is all worth it when you publishing something that you love… or when someone contacts you out of the blue with some awesome opportunity 🙂

    1. Haha well blogging allowing you to travel is a great to love it!! I love getting to explore whatever I want in writing in my own space on the internet.

  4. I love getting all the “stuff” out of my head. You know, half the time I read back my posts and don’t even remember writing them! Maybe I should be a bit worried lol.

    1. Haha I’d probably only worry if they become totally crazy 🙂

  5. I like blogging because it lets you share your special unique gift, your knowledge and experience on something that others may find interesting or helpful, and the ability for the right people to find it and become part of your tribe.

    1. I have absolutely loved the people I’ve met since I started blogging blogging. It’s so nice to find your tribe.

  6. Blogging does rock – we can say what we like and can’t offend anyone because they are choosing to open it and read what we write! I love the networking and people I ‘meet’ through blogging 🙂

    1. Haha I think some types of people sure think they can be offended 🙂

  7. Writing (blogging) to me is like breathing. I just HAVE to do it!!!

    1. Have to is the best way to be!

  8. Yep – exactly that and having someone at the other end reading it and nodding and understanding EXACTLY what I’m talking about 🙂 x

    1. I love that I’ve found so many other people through blogging – that click of reading things and it’s like, oh wow, it’s not just me 🙂

  9. I love the community that blogging creates. It’s so awesome that I have met (both online and in real life) that I would have never had the opportunity to connect with if it wasn’t for blogging. I also love that there really is a blog for everything.

    1. I love that there is a blog for everything – and man, that just makes me think of always growing up with encyclopaedias in the house…how things change!

  10. I’m with Lisa – blogging is exorcising the demons in my head, except half the time I go back and wonder what the heck I was rambling about!

    1. It’s always the way, you read posts from when you started (or sometimes, a week ago) and wonder what on earth you were talking about 🙂

  11. I think blogging is awesome too. I love the freedom to write whatever I like, whenever I like. I also love looking back from time to time and seeing what was important at different points in my life. I can’t imagine not blogging now!

    1. Yes, the ability to see ourselves change is fantastic 🙂

  12. Great question and I’m not sure I really know the answer to that. It’s a tough gig this blogging, especially when you are first starting out. You basically need to spend more time promoting your blog than writing content. Build it and they will come doesn’t actually ring true for a lot of bloggers.

    1. So much of that kind of “build it and they will come” advice is BS – I feel lucky that I’m happy with my views (of course, I’d like to hit my goal of 5000/month but eh) so I prefer to concentrate on writing more now.

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