Interviews With Myself Part 2: Laugh Link

Last week I decided to interview myself.


At the end, “we” were at a stalemate. This week, the saga continues…


Me: So, Queen Slimsy Cowpea, another long weekend has come and gone.


Me: Really, is that the only topic you can ask questions on? I mean, of ALL the things to talk about in the world, you only know how to ask about long weekends? 


Me: Fine. If you hate what I talk about SO VERY MUCH, then you can tell me what you want to talk about.


Me: So now you’re not only unoriginal, but you want the guest to do all of the work?


Me: It’s the only way to keep you happy.


Me: I don’t think royalty is supposed to entertain the commoner. I mean, think about court jesters.


Me: What about them?


Me: Well the court jester was there to entertain the royalty. So you should be entertaining me.


Me: But you don’t like anything I say or do.


Me: So, off with your head?


Me: But my head is your head. You’re now trying to behead yourself!


Me: Fine, I won’t then. But you’re still responsible for entertaining me. I mean, what was the point of this interview if you’re not even asking me any questions?!


Me: Well you seem to be asking me a lot of questions, so it seems like you wanted to interview me.


Me: I have to ask the questions, otherwise there would just be silence.


Me: We’re in the same body, there is only silence. Besides, seeing as we’re the same person, maybe I am really interviewing you.


Me: I don’t think so.


Me: You don’t think we’re in the same body?


Me: I just don’t think royalty would share a body with a commoner.


Me: Fine. I’m boring, common and you want to behead me. Anything else?


Me: That pretty much sums it up, commoner.


Me: Thanks, your Madge…

Laugh Link! Interviews With Myself: Part 2


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4 Replies to “Interviews With Myself Part 2: Laugh Link”

  1. You really are bloody hard to get an answer out of! I’m glad I’m not the journo having to interview you!!

    1. Oh I could so see myself being one of those uber cool celebs saying NO COMMENT all the time haha.

  2. Ha! I see your brain is an arsehole like my brain is an arsehole. Yay for arsehole brains! 😉 x

    1. Yay for arsehole brains!

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