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I keep meaning to resurrect my weekly Saturday interview series with other bloggers. Only I keep forgetting to actually email people with questions.  So I figured I would just interview myself.


Me: Hi Vanessa, we’re so glad to have you here today!


Me: Thanks, it’s great to be here!


Me: First things first, is it ok if I call you Vanessa?


Me: Why would that bother me? My name is Vanessa…


Me: Well, some people have nicknames, others prefer formal titles. It’s not so wrong to make sure I’m calling you by a name that you’re comfortable with.


Me: Fair point.


Me: Thank you.


Me: In light of that, I would like you to call me Queen Slimsy Cowpea.


Me: Ok…So, Queen Slimsy Cowpea, how was your Easter long weekend?


Me: Uh…sorry, I think the correct way of referring to the Queen is by the use of ‘Your Majesty’


Me: Fine. Your Majesty, Queen Slimsy Cowpea, how was your Easter long weekend?


Me: It was the same length of time as yours. Why do you ask?


Me: Well I just thought it would be a nice way of easing into the interview, you know. Get us both at ease with each other and all that.


Me: But we’re the same person? Why wouldn’t we be at ease with each other?


Me: Well you just told me that I have to refer you to as Your Majesty, so…


Me: Are you implying that I don’t deserve to be Queen!?


Me: I didn’t say that.


Me: But you implied it!


Me: But I didn’t say that.


Me: So why should I keep answering your questions?


Me: Well, Your Majesty, we are the same people after all, so on some level you also think this is a good idea.


Me: Oh, right, suuure.


Me: Do you have a problem with that, Your Madge?


Me: Well I am having second thoughts about this interview now.


Me: Why!?


Me: I’m just not sure that a Queen would really be talking to someone like you.


Me: But you are me!


Me: Really?


Me: Yes! Haven’t you noticed that the names don’t change when one of us is asking versus answering a question?


Me: Are you implying the Queen is dumb?


Me: Hey, you said it…


Me: So did you actually have a question for me?


Me: I don’t really know if you deserve the awesomeness of my questions anymore.


Me: So now you’re better than the Queen?


Me: Well technically I am also the Queen.


Me: So we’re at a stalemate then.


Me: It appears to be so.


…to be continued…


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13 Replies to “Interviews With Myself: Laugh Link”

  1. Ha! I often chat with my brain on my blog. Glad I’m not alone! x

    1. We’re as normal as each other! Wait…

  2. There is a lot of chocolate overload evidence around the traps today. But most pleased to make your acquaintance Queen Slimsy Cowpea.

    1. The scariest part is that I haven’t had one single iota of Easter Egg.

  3. Too funny, my email is parentinglife(at) if you ever make it too asking other people for interviews 😉

    1. Thanks Rhianna. I’ll have to pull my finger out and make it happen 🙂

  4. Thank you for making me laugh, Your Majesty!

    1. You’re welcome, underling 😉

  5. This is great, I can’t wait for the next one. I might just have to interview myself one day too! Also send me some q’s and I’d love to answer them, not sure the interview would be quite as funny as the one you had with yourself!!!

    1. Maybe I’ll just keep interviewing myself so I don’t have to think of a new post each week haha. The lazy…I mean, efficient, option! I’ll try to kick my butt into gear for the blogger interviews soon – I’ll drop you an email 🙂

  6. I was waiting for the the King and Castle to join the Queen. You were so close to checkmate. Looking forward to the next installment

    1. Haha that reminds me of the Futurama line: If we can hit that bull’s-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

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