What Do I Work On First?

Something I’ve heard from bloggers a few times is that there is so much you can do in blogging that it’s hard to know what to work on first. Do you think about the back end security of the blog? The SEO? The content? Being active on social media?


What Do I Work On First?




For me, it comes down to one thing. Everything I generate, I generate from my blog.


Therefore, I take care of creating content first. Maintaining my website, scheduling social media, interacting with people and everything else comes after that.


Now, that might not be the case for you. Maybe you have a great Facebook community and you nurture that above all else. That’s fine – but I would encourage you to find what your main “thing” is and the plan your tasks from that. Find what you chain of activities needs to be.


What do you work on first?


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