Random Weekend Chats From My Car #13

Random Weekend Chats From My Car #13

This week on Random Weekend Chats From My Car you have a very, very special triple bonus super awesome episode. All because it’s episode 13. Or for the real reason, which is only disclosed in the video. Yep, I’m mean like that.


It’s full of random rants, churros and after editing it, I think I hate all supermarkets now and forever. 




(And if you don’t enjoy, please don’t complain to management as management does not care, I assure you.)


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #13


Random Weekend Chats From My Car #13




How have you weekends been for the past three weeks?


6 Replies to “Random Weekend Chats From My Car #13”

  1. Churros. Droooooool.
    You’re funny.
    No bandages for the public?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I still can’t get over secret private bandages. When I told our regular vets they were laughing at it too.

  2. I kind of knew most of this from your updates…but it was interesting to hear your take on life (of course!). I am a ‘gotta get out of the house’ every day person too. I also like to do this solo.

    I have no idea where I could get a churro around here but you made it look super awesome.

    Happy almost the end of October…your hard time at work.

    Denyse #teamIBOT

  3. I love churros so much I bought a churro maker and then never used it! Wish you lived nearer so you could give it a new lease of life!

  4. Just so you know I did realise you linked up for me too…here I am.

    Thank you for joining #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is “I Want This”. Denyse

  5. My weekends have been full of editing, but I’ve loved it because it’s meant the girls have been forced to entertain themselves and they’ve done so brilliantly, with minimal fighting and lots of imagination so I can’t complain!

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