How To Find Affiliate Programs

Recently, I was asked how to get started with adding affiliate links to a website. A little while ago, I spent about an hour Googling & signing up for affiliate programs. This is primarily for the resources page I thought I “should” have.


How To Find Affiliate Programs


Start with what you use 

The best way to start is to look at the services and tools that you use. For me, this used to include ViralTag, Hootsuite and my blog hosting.


Look at what you’ve bought & see if they have an affiliate program

I’m also an affiliate for programs that I have bought, as well as bloggers who have courses (even if I haven’t taken the course, if I’ve followed the blogger enough to trust them, I will sign up to be an affiliate). I am an affiliate for two money mindset courses by different bloggers. One is a course I’ve taken, the other isn’t. I’m also an affilate for the virtual ticket to conferences – both ProBlogger and the Artful Business Conference.


Google For Affiliate Programs

When you’ve gone through tools you use, look at the categories. Eg my host may offer an affiliate program so you can look for other blog hosts who also do. Other social media scheduling tools may offer affiliate programs too.


It takes some time to get set up and accepted, and you’ll need to keep track of your links as well as disclosure needs, but this is the very straightforward way that I got started.


Do you have any affiliate programs on your blog? How did you find them?


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