Tips For Your About Page

Your about page is one of the most read pages on your blog – after all, we like to know who the human behind the blog is! Jump in and read some tips for your about page. 


Tips For Your About Page


Here are some tips for your about page to make it really shine!


Have A Photo on Your About Page

A photo is important for putting a face to the blog. You know when you read a novel and imagine the characters, but the the movie comes out and the cast don’t look like your image? That’s what a photo is here to avoid, on a blogging level. Plus, successful bloggers do get recognised, so if you’ve ever wanted to become famous, here’s where you could start!


I know this is a good tip, but it’s a tip I hate, because I hate being in photos. Here’s the thing; many people hate being in photos. The photos I use on my website are actually kind of old, because I can only use a photo that I feel looks like me. You have to find what your balance is on a good photo and having a photo.


An Introduction – After all, it’s an about page!

Who are you? Do you like cats or dogs? What do you write about? What can we expect from this blog? How often can we expect it?


And the cats or dogs thing isn’t in there as a joke – that’s kind of how I mentally sort people. Include some details from your personal life so that readers and brands can get a sense of the person behind the blog.



What are your blogging goals? If you want to be a freelance writer, put it here. If you want to take over the world, Pinky and The Brain style, declare it!


Call To Action

You’ve got the reader onto your about page. Now what do you want them to do? I am a fan of always having your newsletter sign up form on the about page, because it’s the only form of contacting your readers that you have control over.


What do you think the most important thing on an about page is?


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