How Not To Social Media As A Business

This is not a naming and shaming post, so please don’t ask. It is a good example of how to be “active” on social media while also being useless to your customers.


How Not To Social Media As A Business



I’ve been looking into a product off and on for a few months. It’s a want, not a need. For me, this means I’ll search for products, still be a bit “eh, none are what I want for what I’m willing to pay” and then give up. Only to repeat a few weeks or a month later. 


Naturally, as I’ve been looking up these products, ads have been appearing for them in my social media feeds, primarily Facebook and Instagram. There’s a particular feature I want in this product, but no company really covers it in their marketing copy or even in product manuals. I only learned it was possible when a sales assistant in a retail store mentioned it to me. There’s generally only one brand of this product type sold in store and it’s a brand I’ve used and don’t like, so while the information was interesting, it didn’t help them to “close the sale” for me.


Ever since that conversation, I’ve been on the look out online for an alternative. Which brings me back to the targeted ads I’m seeing on social media.


I was half expecting them and half annoyed at them, for no specific reason. It’s just how I feel about ads. 


Then I figured, well hey, they clearly REALLY want to be in front of customers. They’re targeting people interested in their products and clearly spending money on ads. I figured, awesome, that means they can answer my question. So I asked it. 


And never heard back.


All that money they’re spending on advertisements, and they aren’t even online enough to answer a product question.


That, my friends, is not NOT to social media as a business. 


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