How to Capture The Impact of Your Blog

Do you ever know that your blog is doing really well, but lack the hard evidence to prove it? Today I’m sharing with you some tips on how to track your blog’s progress.


How to Capture The Impact of Your Blog


How to Capture The Impact of Your Blog


The first things that brands or PRs often ask for are your stats, usually Unique Views. But what if this isn’t your strength? What if you have a small but very engaged set of readers that you think are just as good as high page views?


What you need is a way to highlight this. Make it easy for the business or PR person that you’re working with to see the value in your blog. In some ways, it’s not too different from how you create a resume. Sure, resumes have lists of duties, dates of employment and so on. But often they have other details, such as achievements you made, KPI’s you met and so on.


4 easy things you can highlight:

  • Average comments/shares on your blog per post
  • How much attention (shares, comments etc) previous sponsored posts have gotten
  • Screenshots of people who have bought an item you’ve recommended
  • Complements and feedback from other brands you’ve worked with

Quantitative information seems to be (illogically in my option) key in the business world. While I have an educational bias towards qualitative information, I also think it’s where the heart of impact lives. So don’t be afraid to show that impact to others.


How do you capture the less tangible things that prove the value and impact of your blog?


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