Elite Writer Training

Elite Writer Training


I have access to a large learning platform via my day job. Given my industry has been decimated by covid and government actions, professional development via paid courses isn’t really a thing anymore. I was flicking through the learning platform to see what looked good. I don’t just have work-related tags set, I also have personal or non-work learning, because obviously I can access the platform out of working hours for other things too. 


Some of the tags I have are on writing, and this time I logged in I saw a lot of writing courses in the “top picks for you”. I did curiosity scroll through the title and short blurbs because I have been writing a writing course myself. One course stood out because apparently you need to become an “elite writer”. 


What on flipping earth is an elite writer anyway? I did google it to see if there was some definition or common use that I hadn’t heard of (I’m not the greatest at caring what the latest cool thing is). Google results were full of essay writing services which FYI don’t use them, that’s not good. 


Is an elite writer someone who write “upper class” fine literature? Anyone who writes, as long as it isn’t comedy or romance*? Is elite tied to your income? Or is it the volume you produce?


*I don’t look down on these genres, but I feel there’s a classism surrounding them.


What on earth do you think an elite writer is?


Elite Writer Training

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