Ableist Writing Advice

Ableist Writing Advice

Ableist Writing Advice


Writing is something that can be done in many ways. It can be adapted to many different disabilities. So I was (naively?) shocked when I read some ableist writing advice recently. 


The advice went along the lines of “creativity is hard and moving around physically helped me so therefor everyone has to move physically to be creative”. 


There is so much bad writing advice out there and that’s why the start of my writing course tells you to discard what doesn’t work for you


There’s no need to tie someone’s mobility to their creativity in such an absolute way. Sure, if movement helps you then do it.


But something working for you does NOT make it a rule for everyone. 


Why is this so hard to grasp by nearly every “expert” online? I passionately hate formulaic bullshit.


Ableist Writing Advice

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  1. Advice?? and you are so right “what the heck?”

    I too am a non-formula person these days when I am making some art but I also need(ed) to learn some techniques from others and then I adapt them for me.

    Thank you for joining in this Monday’s #LifesStories on Denyse Whelan Blogs. The community of bloggers here connects us wherever we are in the world. Looking forward to seeing you in two week’s time on Monday 6 June. Winter in Southern Hemisphere & getting close to Summer in the Northern part of the world. Denyse.

  2. Good advice to discard what doesn’t work for you! Formula writing isn’t my style I’m afraid so your post was interesting and useful.

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