I saw someone once saying that a rare benefit of ME/CFS is that they had to get really clear about what they want. That hasn’t happened for me. I still want a shitload of stuff. 


I wonder if this happens to everyone? Does everyone with ME/CFS get really clear on what they want? Does having ADHD mean I can’t get this level of clarity? Is clarity only for the ME/CFSers who are neurotypical? 


Lots of people have talked about the necessity of acceptance and letting go as they move through this condition. I don’t know how that works for me. My brain doesn’t stop just because my body has. 


I still want so many things. I miss so many things. I want to do my hobbies. Heck, I’d take back being able to do the shitty cut down version of doing some of them 3km from my house. Wow that has even gone downhill in 2023.


If there’s a clarity pill, sign me up. That’s the only way it’ll work for me!


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