Not disabled enough

Not disabled enough

I had a flash back to reading an enterprise bargaining agreement. I know, I have had a wild life. Part of the agreement included a way to kick people out of the university based on health. It did mention that if you’re going through this process, you should engage with your super fund to see if you can get relevant insurances. 


But it did not say clearly enough that you can fall into a gap where you’re too disabled to work and not disabled enough to be eligible for any kind of benefits or insurances. This gap in society is MASSIVE.


I don’t understand how insurances work. You may have seen my posts (and posts and posts and posts) about getting mine set up a bundle of years back. Getting them set up seems to be a whole different (and, I suspect, easier) bunch of tasks than ever claiming on the insurances. 


Take me. You’ve read about my 2023 and hell and bullshit and anger and exhaustion. 


I can work. I cannot work in ANY job. 


To work sustainably, to maintain my baseline functioning levels, I have a lot of criteria a job needs to meet. As 2023 proved, 99% of jobs will not accommodate me. So can I work? 


Am I considered able to work when I’m also considered unemployable?


I don’t know where or how people draw these lines in making claims. I assume with deep ignorance of disability, which probably means they would erroneously class me as fully able to work. 


Who is taking care of this gap? 


(Besides no one.)


Thrown to the wolves is the phrase that comes into my mind when I start thinking about this topic. Discarded.


There needs to be a Medium Place. Where people who can safely work are supported to do so. I think that’s what anti discrimination law is supposed to do but we know that’s a giant fucking joke. There needs to be clear RESPONSIBILITY for not leaving people unable to work and unable to be considered disabled. 


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Not disabled enough

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