I have been a zombie all week. Ever since my terrible sleep Sunday night & being a major zombie Monday, I’ve been stumbling through this week half asleep.


My body is clearly fighting off some bug – otherwise zombiefication from lack of sleep would have worn off for me by now.


And if someone could wave a wand over my buggered ankle so that it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore, I’d love you forever. Or I’d buy you a coffee or something. Whatever floats your boat.


Knowing your body and what is normal for you is something that I’ve been trying to pay attention to over the past few years. It really helps to know when something is not right. It also stops your sleep deprived brain from making you think you have some kind of terminal illness.


It also helps when you have a GP who works with you. I don’t get to see my preferred GP often as he’s weekdays only and I’m a city ’9-5er’ still. But when I do see him, he’ll tell me the signs to look for in getting better or worse, as well as outlining the actions I need to take if I get worse (eg fill the second course of antibiotics, go straight to hospital).


I am functioning, so I know I’m basically fine. I just need more rest.


Last night I fell asleep on the couch. Damn we have a comfortable couch! Ben was in the other room and came out to find me dead to the world. Quite literally. He couldn’t wake me up! He had to yell at me before his words seeped through my zombie brain. And I didn’t even know he yelled. Apparently he would have been worried about not being able to wake me up if I hadn’t been snoring. Instead he was giggling :)


I’ve been getting through this week using bad things – caffeine, processed sugars… normally I would try and exercise (even just a walk) to boost my energy levels but with an injured ankle that swells if I walk on it… well I’ve had to stay on anti-inflammatory drugs to keep it happy this week too!


What do you do to keep yourself going in a difficult week?

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  1. I bet you’re happy it’s Friday! What a nightmare week you must have had. When I don’t get enough sleep, the 5-day working week is just a walking nightmare. Hope your body can sort itself out soon!
    For me, I find eating regular meals, cutting out shitty junk food and going to bed at least a half hour early can help get me back on track. I prop myself up throughout the day with cups of tea or a zero-sugar soft drink 🙂

    1. SO glad it’s Friday!! I had been trying green tea with honey recently but that just see,Ed too complicated this week haha. I had Monday off & this week still seemed very long.

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