A New Bike?

I’ve been wanting a bike for a while now, and I even included it in my Activity Jars (which get raided often & are a failing idea currently!). Then I was at the ProBlogger Event and my Travel Blogger’s Pop Up included a bike ride along the beach.




I mean, I live by the beach with bike & pedestrian parks. It’s silly that I don’t own a bike. All the bikes I’ve had in previous years were crappy second hand ones, where by various circumstances I sort of ended up buying them even though they didn’t really fit me or didn’t adjust – who knows what I was thinking?


I was flicking through Gumtree this week and contacted a couple of people who had decent looking bikes for $50. Yet to hear back. Then I wandered into Kmart Friday night and saw this gem:


To Buy a New Bike?

Apologies for the hastily snapped & slightly blurry photo, it has been a long week!


It’s slightly purple too! I already have a super comfy seat, lights & all that stuff from an old bike, so I can fit it with better items. And this is good enough quality to just zoom happily along the beachfront.


I’m tempted to go pick it up – though I don’t know if the box will fit in my car, and I am trying to be good with money after an expensive few weeks.


But I can justify it by saying it’s for my health, right?


You may see some photos later, if I give in and go buy it! Hey, for all I know, I’ll have to ride it home if it won’t fit in my car.


Do you like bike riding? Where do you go to ride?

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