12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 12 – Multimedia

12DBC Multimedia

After 12 days of different topics, here we are at the end of the road! Thanks for reading so far, and don’t forget to go back and read any posts you’ve missed:

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Have you ever done a podcast? a Vlog? it’s time to try!


This is a great way to round out the end of your time off, as it gives something new to your blog and can introduce new readers at a time you should be able to pick up and be present for a zippy way to return to blogging more regularly.

12DBC Multimedia

It’s pretty common for bloggers to include a photo or graphic in every post, especially to increase their chances of being pinned on Pinterest. I still haven’t seen many audio only (or podcast)

Now, if I was the perfect blogger, I would be vlogging this. But I’m not – I find my voice strange on camera and haven’t quite gotten over that enough to film myself. So, as a cop-out, I’m going to link you to some posts by a range of bloggers who utilise multimedia:

And I guess now it’s a blogging goal of mine for 2014 to do a vlog at some point…we’ll see how that goes!


What are your tips for including multimedia in posts? 

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