Therefore or But

I was listening to an episode of The Writers Panel podcast and they had a really good, simple tip for progressing your writing.


Therefore Or But


Therefore or But


Between each scene you need to be able to say therefore or but.


If you’re saying and, then you’re not really progressing the story.


While this was more focused on screenwriting and fiction stories, I think it’s highly applicable to non fiction and blog writing too. Think of each blog post as a scene and you need to be able to say therefore or but between each blog post. 


Do you think this is a handy tip? Can you see yourself using it?


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  1. Oh interesting. I know I try to make sentence beginnings relevant to the content but I also think I have become too wordy thanks to blogging!!

    Denyse x

    1. My writing style thanks to blogging was the thing I was picked up on the most when I was studying last haha.

  2. Interesting! I will have to give this a go!

    1. I have to admit I haven’t really tried it yet but I liked the concept.

  3. Interesting ….
    I may need to give that a go.
    I’ve been taught (and therefore teach) in success terms that we are best to act in a “but” free zone as the word “but” (a) cancels out the good stuff you’ve just said to someone (eg great website but it could be even better if you ….) and (b) it creates excuses for lack of forward movement (eg I would write a book but I’ve never got enough time). So with my coach hat on, in order to move forward in life with positivity and action (and help others stay positive in their forward movement) I tend to steer clear of “but”.
    BUT now you have me intrigued as to the other side of the but …
    You’re messing with my mind.
    (See, that BUT just cancelled out everything else I said … definitely messing with my mind)

    1. Too many butts 😉 Buts can be important though; I imagine in a coaching context it helps to identify resistance and then you can see if it’s “valid” or not.

  4. Now you’ve got me thinking … I need to listen to this podcast!

    1. I actually don’t still listen to it (I go on an off podcasts)…but… it was a good idea.

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