My Feet Need A Bra; Why I Hate Women’s Shoes

I despise shopping of all kinds, but shoe shopping is something I view as a particularly large form of capitalist torture.


My Feet Need A Bra; Why I Hate Women’s Shoes


My Feet Need A Bra; Why I Hate Women’s Shoes


The thing is, I need shoes that give me support. If we were talking boobs here, no one would be shocked. Of course that’s what you’d be looking for in a bra. Silly not to consider support. But when it comes to shoes, oh boy, that’s a different kettle of deathly boiling and flesh-eating fish. 


But shoes are not permitted to have support in them. Oh no… 


Shoes are for looking at only. Look at them on the shelf. Look at them on your feet. 


Wear a different pair to walk to work than you do at work.


Comfort is the furthest consideration from any shoe manufacturer, it seems. So much so that most shoe store website (at least in my budget) have a separate section for “comfort” shoes. What the heck does that say about the rest of their shoes?


Can we bitch about consistency of sizes? Or lack thereof? The photo on this post is me trying to put my size 10 feet into a size 10 pair of boots. You’d think I had picked up a children’s size by the impossibility of putting that freaking shoe on my foot. 


Do your feet need a bra? How do you feel about shoe shopping?


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