September Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

September Creative Contemplations

I listened to an online business summit this month and I … didn’t hate it? So weird. Usually I nod off as they’re full “omg sales funnel” and “you 10 step never fail formula” and … well I fall asleep about then. But at this one the presenters had clearly been encouraged to actually be human beings and I heard about people who run businesses with ADHD and chronic illnesses and for once in my life I didn’t feel like a totally alienated person. Who knew inclusion was good?!

It is cliché, but I’ve always felt like an outsider in “business circles” because I (gasp) have a job and (double gasp) my life is too complex and I can’t hustle my way to “success”.

Sorry for all the inverted commas but really… some of this stuff is so generic.

Anyway, it was really nice to feel like people were doing things how it suited them and it boosted my confidence about the new services I’ve been putting together for business owners.


September Creative Contemplations

Reading: Finished most of How Not To Write A Novel by Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman. I had two other books on writing out from the library but one I just didn’t get a chance to start and the other was weird. It started out seemingly accepting of the impacts of things like chronic illness on writing (or any part of life, really) and then slipped right into what I call the “rich white man thought leader” of “but if you wanted to do it you would have done it so if you haven’t done it you suck”. Needless to say, I gave up on that book.

Gaming: WurdWeb (on Apple Arcade).

Watching: I had an urge to rewatch The Crown, which is odd. I don’t have much interest in royals of any kind but I do really respect the creativity that goes into the show.

Creating: NaNoWriMo prep plans. Unusually for me I have a lot of prep to do before November.

Writing: Blog posts. I was stuck for a while and now I feel I can do it again.


September Creative Contemplations

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