Why I Like Wikipedia As A Business Tool

I’ve never understood why Wikipedia gets so mocked. Sure, I find it kind of funny that people quote it in university assignments (or try to) but overall it is an amazing resource.


My undergraduate degree is in anthropology. Right from the start you’re encouraged to learn how to assess the value of resources and to learn from journals not textbooks. Basically, you do postgraduate type of research while you’re an undergraduate.


Why I Like Wikipedia As A Business Tool


Sure; there are negatives about Wikipedia. But you know what is absolutely fantastic about it? Beyond the fact you can get basic information with a semi decent level of reliability on pretty much any topic?


You can look up what you do.




I bet you’re thinking “big freaking whoop” right now.


But this is what is really important: It tells you the basics.


 Why I Like Wikipedia As A Business Tool


It tells you what your clients need to know. It tells you about things that outsiders will know about your industry.


I think that is a really valuable way to get some keywords for your business. It is a great starting point to find the words that your customers may be using.


Are there any tools you like using in ‘unconventional’ ways?


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