Four More Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing

You’ve read Four Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing, so here and now (LIKE RIGHT NOW) I present to you: Four More Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing:



Hopefully the beer virus is all over and we’re happy little campers by the time I publish this, but the toilet paper hoarding going on in March was stupid and violent. Don’t. Just don’t. But also I will mock the shit out of you. Get it?


Four More Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing


Four More Things I'd Like Humans To Stop Doing


Making Crappy Stuff

This year, I bought something I liked. I was down and bothered. It was a treat. It broke in less than a week. I wasn’t expecting it to be a forever item – but less than a week? That’s the cheapest of the cheap cheap shit and it’s such a wasteful level of shit that people need to get gently tasered into doing better.


Want to buy my books? OMG YOU CAN.


Being an EXPERT

I know we all want to feel special and unique sometimes but also there are times when stating something OBVIOUS makes me hate you. Like if I say “Ugh the sky is so bright today” and someone who needs to feel like an expert tells me “that’s because the sun is shining” and then I resist the urge to scream at them.


Requiring a number on a listicle

Like, who decided I had to post four things each time? Me….oh…shhiitt…



15 Replies to “Four More Things I’d Like Humans To Stop Doing”

  1. Lol – but of course, the sun *is* shining! 😛 The hoarding thing was just baffling – anxiety and panic for sure, and survival stuff but I just didn’t understand toilet paper. I mean, surely if the world was ending lack of toilet paper is the last thing you’d be worried about

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Someone tried to expert on me about a day after I published this – is that what they call manifesting haha.

  2. I needed this post today, Ness!

    Thanks for the laughs … and the chance to take a long hard look at myself!

    SSG xxx

  3. Thanks for the laughs! I thought you were on a roll (Ha! See what I did there!) there what with the hoarding and then the crappy stuff! I’m with you on crap quality though – things just don’t last like they used to!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      The crap quality thing really caught me, I mean, be cheap but last maybe two weeks at least haha.

  4. I hear you! The hoarding was just the pits and hopefully we have moved on from that and it won’t happen again – but who knows. Your post made me smile 🙂 #lifethisweek

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I saw a new article late yesterday that apparently Australians hoarded more than any other country. Unbelievable!

  5. Firstly, lol at your last item and a great bit heartfelt yes from me for the others. Have you seen Dude With A Sign on Instagram?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh I think I keep seeing that account shared elsewhere but not following it. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Great post Vanessa. The hoarding really annoyed me too and I vowed not to weigh in on that one.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I weighed in by making fun of them haha

  7. The rules, who takes away the rules…oh. You can and I can too. Honestly, remember those very big blog posts about ‘how to’ and ‘what to’ back in the 2010-2013 times.

    I tried…none of them worked for me.

    I decided blogging how I want and why suits me best.

    Listicles. Sounds like something you don’t want to catch!

    Thank you for linking up today for Life This Week. Next week’s optional prompt is 23/51 Life Stories #2 8.6.2020 where I will be doing a part 2 on being a grandmother. Do link up any post, old or new it does not need to be on prompt. Looking forward to seeing you there, Denyse.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      People got so into the rules and it bothered me at the time (actually still does) that they can’t just take what suited them and discard the rest.

  8. Crappy stuff that breaks is one of my bugbears too. Great post,
    regards Christina

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      At least if it could have lasted two weeks 🙂

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