No Queues

No Queues

I’ve seen a few people share about this on social media, which means I now feel that solidarity exists.


(Also, don’t assume no one sees your posts. Likes and comments and vanity metrics don’t measure the impact you have.)


Queues are one of my biggest flare triggers.


It’s also not socially acceptable to avoid them.


If it’s not a REAL condition then your need isn’t REAL and you’re being selfish and greedy.


No one likes queues, after all.


Maybe this ties into my luxury is relative post. After all, “queue jumping” is now something you can pay for at places like theme parks. It has been commodified into a luxury item, and that’s when the rankles rise in people. When the disabled person gets the perceived luxury for no reason (no reason to them) then jealously flies and the validity of our needs gets questioned.


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No Queues

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