Low Iron Treatment

Disclaimer: What I’m talking about today is what my GP, dietitian and I decided would be the best course of action for my treatment of low iron. I’m not a doctor and highly encourage you to consult with a qualified health professional when you have any concerns about any aspect of your health.   So […]

Medical Tales

In writing my last essay for the semester, I spent an entire day lying on my stomach, in bed, tapping away at my laptop.   I sit at a desk all freaking week at work – so I tend to lie in bed to study. The problem with nutting out most of a 3500 word […]

Chemist Budget Tips

Chemist Budget Tips

Calling around to a number of chemists before you buy a prescription can save you heaps. Recently, making three phone calls saved me $5 on antibiotics for my sinus infection. There was no negotiating or anything, it was just calling the three chemists I knew would be open at 4pm on a Saturday & asking what their price […]

Practical Health

Practical Health

I wish medicine had the answers for practical questions. But I think when it doesn’t have answers it means society is broken in that area & is not working for our bodies.   I commute to a day job for now. It’s not what I like – either the commuting or the sitting all day […]

Small Steps

Yesterday I took the first step in that healthy schmelthy direction.   I went to the dietician appointment that I booked. If you saw my last post, you’ll know I was a bit hesitant because the last experience I had was very negative.   This one couldn’t have been more different.   I was welcomed, […]

Health, Schmelth

Health, schmelth. I’m very sick of fatigue but trying to be “good” about it all. I did a few “good” things yesterday.   I booked in for my home sleep test in three weeks time. It’s a bit of a strange one; they want you to wear a small device of some kind over night […]