2015 Wrap Up

2015 Wrap Up - Normal Ness

Well, 2015 has been and mostly gone now. It’s recap central in blog land right now, so what better way to add to it than to, well, add to it?


2015 Wrap Up


2015 Wrap Up - Normal Ness




I wrote about how I was scared to complain about lack of sleep, because parents always want to tell me they have it worse. Laugh Link also wrapped up in January. It was sad because I loved it but what no one tells you is that link ups are a lot of hard work and coordination. People seemed to love it but not many people wanted to link  up their posts to it. Bloggers, can I say this? Many of you are indeed very funny and good writers. Back yourself!


I also wrote what is still one of my favourite posts of all time: Who Would Be On Your Dream Team?


Who Would Be On Your Dream Team?





I wrote about where I grew up, having low iron, I quietly let the third birthday of this blog slip by, and I wrote about ways you can stop yourself from taking on the problems of others. Oh, and, no biggie, I launched a new blog, Bloggers and Bacon: Bite Sized Blogging Tips With Your Breakfast.


Dont Take On The Problems Of Others




I talked about not judging others for what types or combinations of medications they use, the impacts of low iron on creativity, children’s books that I loved and I also blogged my much requested BBQ kit. Which I actually need to update as it has evolved since March!


Easy DIY BBQ Kit




In April I finally escaped a negative situation, mentally flipped many people off and spent a few days lying on the floor watching TV, because that was the only way I had left in me to cope. I decided that I really need adult sippy cups after ruining my MacBook Air (and I’ve been sadly laptopless ever since – which is a real productivity killer for someone who commutes a decent amount of time every day). I also had 5 hours and 15 minutes of interviews in one day, which was freaking exhausting. Of course, not a month goes by when crap doesn’t flow through my head, so I wrote about possible diet scams I could run.


If I Was To Run A Diet Scam




I was hit with the flu,  my dog sulked her way around some bandages on her foot, I managed to never understand marketing, and I asked if anyone wanted to take over a positive style blogging challenge I love but …well I’m not a style blogger and would never keep up with it.


The Bright Monday Question



I talked about not wanting to talk, because that’s what bloggers do. I mostly didn’t want to talk because of constant sickness and change so far in 2015. I began what is a regular (but not often) theme here of talking about money and money issues/mindsets. I also gave out 5 random facts about me.


5 Random Facts About Me




July was a quiet month for me. I nearly scored a great op shop bargain, but missed out by a few seconds. I also really hated the netbook I bought to replace my drowned MacBook Air.




August arrived, along with the much needed rebrand from 26 Years and Counting to Normal Ness. I managed to get electrocuted, and I went to Teppanyaki for the first time with a great bunch of blogging friends. I also wrote about how I prefer to pay cash for things people usually get loans for, as well as why I don’t like the post office.


Arakawa Japanese Restaurant RACV Royal Pines




It seems that in September I was really sick of overly curated social media accounts and blogs, because I wrote about it in two different ways: here and here. I talked a bit about the topic of a book I’ve been wanting to write for ages, but it needs a lot more research. I came up with the idea of a resilience kit and blogged about immediate steps you can take on bad days (FYI – I’m planning to photograph and explain my resilience kit over the holidays, so stay tuned for a post in the new year.


What To Do On Days Your Resilience Is Low




October was when 2015 was really starting to wear on me. I have had some kind of change every single month, and I was just plain tired. I wrote about how I was looking forward to my first actual break in …way too many years. I also talked about what the 2015 The Year Of Me series meant to me – it may not have been popular, but a) I didn’t really advertise or put much effort into it and b) it helped me personally, so it was still worth it! There was a very personal post about reconciling my experiences with meeting an idol of mine.


Time For A Break




November included some tips for reading more books, a reminder about bills I forget to budget for, tips for not going overboard with Christmas spending, my best day of garage sale bargains ever, and a guest post (cartoon) from my husband.


4 Easy Tips To Read More Books This Year



Whilst December isn’t quite over yet, I also don’t really have any plans to blog over the holidays… so it’s ok by me to do a wrap up on 23rd! Naturally I wrote a Christmas Gift Guide, as well as some advice (haha) about Christmas Foot In Mouth Disease. I also had a home sleep study, which really sucked, and wrote about dangers of flash flooding.


2015 Gift Guide


I do have a blog post planned for tomorrow, but apart from that, I think I will be taking a break and well…doing nothing for nearly two weeks. I hope you also have some time off. Enjoy and stay safe, everyone!


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  1. It’s been a big year for you…nice wrap up post! 🙂

    1. Too much of a big year, I think! I’m hoping so, so much that 2016 is quieter. I wonder which of my goals I could achieve without near constant personal and professional upheavals.

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